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Break the sugar addiction: Day 2 and 3


So Day two came in like a lion. As soon as my feet hit the floor I was starving yet felt icky. I was convinced I must be getting sick because my stomach kinda felt sickly and my head hurt a little. We all know when your sick, the thought of completely healthy food is gross. I reasoned on the matter with a “what if I puke? Then I will hate healthy food forever.” So instead of forcing totally sugarless and carbless breakfast I ate a bowl of raisin bran. Like a miracle, I no longer had my “illness”. The sugar withdraw had made me literally sick. I carried on the day with very healthy options and ignored all candy aisles and tv commercials and did fine. An awesome app that I love that helps you discern if food is actually “healthy” or is way more sugary and processed than what you think, it the app FOODUCATE. I love it. It’s so helpful. You just scan the bar code of a food and you get a health rating. I recommend getting it to detect the unhealthy food hidden under a healthy label.

Day three was actually easier. It makes me think the first two days are the hardest. I know I’m not cured but it helps to know that it gets easier. One thing I have known for a long time but it never applied to me, is how much people want to feed things. If you tell someone not to give your dog table scraps, they will sneak it some. If your baby doesn’t eat solid food yet, don’t go to gatherings. They WILL feed your baby food, and not just any food. It will be cake or pop. If you tell people you are avoiding processed breads and sugars, peer pressure to eat hotdogs with sweet relish will soon follow. I don’t think people intentionally sabotage good intentions, but they do. I had to pretend to eat a roasted marshmallow to get a well meaning friend to leave me alone. Definitely bring a vegetable, meat or cheese tray to any gatherings so that the temptation and peer pressure is not to much to bare. And if you have to pretend you ate something like I did, don’t feel bad.
One idea I do need to pass along is this: have the healthy food already prepared. The food we are used to eating is easy and fast. I came home starving and had to sit around and cut up vegetables for 10 minutes when a frozen burrito would’ve been done in 2 minutes. Have your veggies already cut. Put them in a big zip lock bag and leave them in the fridge with a tub of hummus, bean dip, yogurt based veggie dip or guacamole. Keep apples and bananas and a jar of natural peanut butter handy. Vegetable juice is also a good idea to keep in the house if you can drink it. If you have time to make things from scratch, make whole wheat tortillas ( http://www.theleangreenbean.com/homemade-whole-wheat-tortillas/ ) and make a bean burrito to freeze for a quick healthy lunch. The 100% whole wheat won’t spike your blood sugar like white flour.

Let’s keep moving forward!

I really like this girls journey that I read this morning. http://www.intheequation.com/carbs-trigger-food-cravings-really/


Break the sugar addiction: Day 1


You have an advantage on the first day of addiction breaking or dieting. It’s the advantage of feeling like you are bettering yourself and today is the day. You feel like you finally have developed self control and you can do it this time! I must be weak willed. I struggled today with no sugar.
Breakfast is….I’m sorry was…my favorite meal of the day. I hate eggs. I hate breakfast now. Eggs are not a meal without toast and salad is not a meal without croutons. I understand why people loose weight from avoiding sugar and carbs. It because when you are craving a cheese danish, no healthy food in the world is worth eating, so you just pass. There is less snacking because the options seem ridiculously horrible. I had lunch at wendys and ordered a sandwich with no bun. My lunch was tiny. I hit the 2:00 low and kinda wanted a candy bar, but totally resisted. I ate a banana instead. (Remember, fruit is a healthy carb.)
I took my kid to the park after school and went for a walk and tried fishing a little. After this his uncle wanted to take him to mcdonalds to get an ice cream cone. It’s way to early to undergo such temptations but I went along and successfully watched them eat tiny little ice cream cones with out snatching them out of their mouths. So overall, today was a success although not totally with out effort. It’s doable. I’m proud of today. We can do this.
Some things that helped me was healthy snacking through the day. I paired healthy carbs with protein so it eased the sweet tooth but also stuck to my ribs a little. Things such as when I ate my eggs this morning I also ate an orange. I added a little natural peanut to my banana. It makes it last longer. I struggled the most with breakfast because I wake up in the morning hungry and desirous of sweets and the most common no sugar breakfast is eggs. As we discussed I don’t prefer the incredible edible egg. I’m going to mix up the eggs with fruit and almonds or peanuts, or maybe even leftover dinner. Who says you have to eat breakfast food for breakfast, right? So today ultimately was a success! Let’s continue the journey tomorrow! We can do it! Here’s a link to some helpful tips. http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/13-ways-to-fight-sugar-cravings

Break the sugar addiction: preparation day


So this is it. It’s not the first time I’ve tried to get off the sugar band wagon but I’m gonna give it yet another go. I like to keep my family healthy and active but in today’s fast paced lifestyle, we often turn to pop tarts and little caesars. It leaves me with a severe 2:00 low which corresponds to me being in a perfectly bad mood by the time my 6 year old son gets off the school bus bursting with energy. So it’s time to seriously kick this habit! Let’s do it together. I’m going to post how it’s going and how I’m feeling and how many times I break down and freak out on my family and claw my husbands eye balls out due to my withdraws.  Hopefully I won’t have to many days where I loose all control and go face down into candy bars from the impulse buys at Walmart and have to throw away the wrappers and the receipt in the parking lot so that nobody can judge me. In order to break the sugar addiction we have to cut out carbs like bread, pasta and rice because those things turn into sugar when digested and can trigger cravings. We will slowly add these things back into our diet after we get controll over our sugar intake.  Probably in about two or three weeks. Cut out candy, cakes, chips and super processed foods. Today is the day to binge on all of that. What ever is left after you can’t eat anymore of it needs to go into the trash and throw gross stuff on top of it so that you can’t go back for it. Today is also the day to go to the store and buy almonds, eggs, cans of tuna, ham and turkey and a ton of vegetables. We need proteins and fats to keep us going. There are a lot of good tips for how to survive without the carbs and sugar online but I’ll give some tips too. 1. Seriously, get rid of all the food you shouldn’t eat. When a craving hits you, you don’t need all that food staring you in the face. 2. Buy high protein foods like nuts and seeds and lean meat and write out a menu. Having plans will help tremendously. 3. Don’t starve yourself….ever. It makes everybody crave sugar, not to mention us sugar addicts. Eat at regular intervals. 4.Don’t worry about fruit or beans. They are healthy foods that need to stay in the diet and may actually help keep the sugar crave at bay. 5. Do a few jumping jacks or go for a walk. A little destruction goes a long way. The first week should be the hardest. Let’s get motivated.  Tomorrow is day one. I’ll let you know how it goes!