Break the sugar addiction: Day 1


You have an advantage on the first day of addiction breaking or dieting. It’s the advantage of feeling like you are bettering yourself and today is the day. You feel like you finally have developed self control and you can do it this time! I must be weak willed. I struggled today with no sugar.
Breakfast is….I’m sorry was…my favorite meal of the day. I hate eggs. I hate breakfast now. Eggs are not a meal without toast and salad is not a meal without croutons. I understand why people loose weight from avoiding sugar and carbs. It because when you are craving a cheese danish, no healthy food in the world is worth eating, so you just pass. There is less snacking because the options seem ridiculously horrible. I had lunch at wendys and ordered a sandwich with no bun. My lunch was tiny. I hit the 2:00 low and kinda wanted a candy bar, but totally resisted. I ate a banana instead. (Remember, fruit is a healthy carb.)
I took my kid to the park after school and went for a walk and tried fishing a little. After this his uncle wanted to take him to mcdonalds to get an ice cream cone. It’s way to early to undergo such temptations but I went along and successfully watched them eat tiny little ice cream cones with out snatching them out of their mouths. So overall, today was a success although not totally with out effort. It’s doable. I’m proud of today. We can do this.
Some things that helped me was healthy snacking through the day. I paired healthy carbs with protein so it eased the sweet tooth but also stuck to my ribs a little. Things such as when I ate my eggs this morning I also ate an orange. I added a little natural peanut to my banana. It makes it last longer. I struggled the most with breakfast because I wake up in the morning hungry and desirous of sweets and the most common no sugar breakfast is eggs. As we discussed I don’t prefer the incredible edible egg. I’m going to mix up the eggs with fruit and almonds or peanuts, or maybe even leftover dinner. Who says you have to eat breakfast food for breakfast, right? So today ultimately was a success! Let’s continue the journey tomorrow! We can do it! Here’s a link to some helpful tips.


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